1.  TRAINING:  $50/hour:  Your house, or mine; I charge separately for travel.  One hour sessions, and we can meet as often as you like, though most choose once a week.  There’s no minimum; pay as you go.  You can always schedule a “refresher” session down the road if need-be.
  2. BOARD AND TRAIN:  $50/night:  Need to train your dog, but you’re just too busy?  I will take your dog into my home and train him/her for you!  You get a break, plus it’s a great way to break your dog of those bad habits.
  3. BOARDING:  $30/night:  Hate to put your dog in a dirty, noisy kennel?  (Me, too!)  Board your pet in my home instead!  I have a nice fenced-in back yard, and I only take on a few at a time so the dogs get the real home experience.  Add $10 for each additional dog.
  4. DAYCARE:  $20/day:  Work long hours?  Let your dog socialize and play with other dogs in a home environment while you’re at work.
  5. DAYCARE AND TRAIN:  $30/day:  Dog need a little extra work?  I will work with your dog for at least 20 minutes during his/her stay.  You will notice a difference in your dog’s behavior!

I currently accept cash, check, or PayPal.

Don’t forget to fill out the Board and Train Request Form.